Dog's Corner
Pet Breed:  Pomeranian
Pet Bio: Koki is a 3 year old
Pomeranian. He loves to cuddle
and give kisses. He likes to roll
over and play dead or just roll
over to have his belly rubbed.
grandma's house in Mascoutah.  Baby boy is a
cream colored Shih Tsu who loves taking a
bath.  His owner has had BabyBoy since he
was a puppy. The owner also informs us that
he is a rescue dog and has 2 adopted sisters
and 3 adopted brothers.  He also loves playing
with his doughnut ring and basketball.  He
does many tricks such as sitting up to beg,
does aerobics daily, and loves giving kisses.  
He has been a great watchdog and loves to
have visitors, however he never wants the
visitors to leave by blocking the door and
chasing his tail.
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This is Daisy, she is a 5yld Norwegian
Elkhound. Daisy enjoys being with her family
even agrees to hang out with Rosebud her
stepsister. Daisy is a proud Mama and wife she
gave birth to 6 pups a year ago. She loves
walks, swimming and getting dirty again. She
knows many trick and loves attention.