Rate Artist:: 10  
john collier
comments = as president of the tom lovato fan club would be honored if we could hear more of toms music.
check his fan club page on facebook or tweeter. thank you and God bless this station

Local Artist of the Month
comments = Thanks to Sonny and Jerry who are providing another avenue for folks to go to and hear cuts from
my newest release, "You Were Always There" from the Tate Music Group Label. Being Artist of the
Month is a blessing I do not take lightly. Also thanks to KLID 1340 AM for the PSA when I performed at Hay's
Music earlier this year. You made a great promo spot for me and again I am so very grateful. Wishing you and
the station God's very best in the coming New Year!

Tom Lovato

Rate Artist:: 9 to 10 on my scale
Bill Spielman
Comments = I knew Tom back from the mid 80's back in Las Vegas. He and his band would perform and it
was God inspiring. He sang at my wedding and his song, "Don't Harden Your Heart" has always
stuck with me all through my life since. A profound encouragement that was and still is today. All in all, I like his
music and testimony. He to us represents authentic Christianity. Keep on praising Jesus and knocking them
out of the park...

Rate Artist:: 10!
Chrissy Fortner
Comments = Tom is a very talented and inspirational songwriter/singer and
instrumentalist!!! Great testimony through his songs!

Rate Artist::Tom Lavato
Belva Griffis
comments = Tom is a very talented man and God has truly turned his life around. This shows that God can use
anybody to serve him and get the message out.

Rate Artist::8
Andrew lovato
comments = sounds good very ,original,, beat and flavor.. like it.

Rate Artist:11
comments = Tom is a very talented Christian man.  Tom and I have been friends around 6 months now.  He
has played at one our Benefit Concerts.  He is a awesome entertainer and has touched me through his music.  
I can see some outstanding songs coming out in the future testimony songs.  It is an honor to know Tom.  God
bless Dennis Coad

Rate_the_Artist = 8
Name = Lisa
Email = enjoypainting@yahoo.com
comments = I would like the clips to be a little longer, as it was mostly intro music, which I really liked.

Rate_the_Artist = 10
Name = Robert Penick
Phone_Number = 417-838-2627
Email = chi.cubs.win@sbcglobal.net
comments = Just bought the CD.  My favorite is "You were always there."  Great song from a great
guy with a great testimony!

Rate_the_Artist = 10
Name = Gaylene Montoya
Phone_Number = 4172078652
Email = gaylene.montoya@yahoo.com
comments = Tom has an amazing testimony and beautiful songs that show his love for Jesus Christ. I love it.
Thank you so much.
Rate Artist:: 10
Joshua King
comments = Tom, You have really come a long way! Iam really astounded by your hard work as a singer/
songwriter. When you wrote these songs i was not sure how far you would go but i alway had a strong open
mind about you going far into the music/ songwriting industry. But now i can truly say that tom all of your fans
and close friends are extremely proud of you and we all cannot wait until you come out with something new
Because iam sure it wont be on the shelf very long. Well tom i think this advertising is great and i absolutely
cannot  wait to see how many more that you will impress with your hard work and singing and songwriting
career . Well take care and god bless Joshua King.

Rate Artist:: 10
Patti Bloom
comments = Hes an anointed artist and Brother in Christ

Rate Artist:: 10
Kathy Ponce
comments = Thoroughly enjoyed this and will listen to more.  Will share this with other family members.  Keep
the faith.
Rate Artist: 10
Dot Swayze
comments = I love the music.  It is wonderful.  Congratulations T

Rate Artist: 10
Laurie Woods
comments = WOW! WOW! WOW! How we have come so far from the days of 1,2,3,4, can I have a little more
when you were great then & now your absolutely fabulous! I love it! Can't wait to buy it!
Tom Lovato, a singer/songwriter/guitarist with an amazing testimony of God’s Redeeming
Power, has been leading worship for nearly 28 years and for the last 11 years has been the
Worship Leader for Lakewood Church in Branson West, Missouri.  
Raised in the town that goes by the name of “sin city” (Las Vegas, NV), Tom got an early
start in drug use when as a 5th grader he was introduced to marijuana by his older brother.
By 6th grade Tom had taken his first hit of speed. It was easy to see early on that this story
was not going to have a happy ending. At 16 years old, Tom spent $54.00 at a pawn shop and
bought his first guitar with money he had earned as a dishwasher for a JB’s Big Boy
Restaurant. Not long after teaching himself to play, he traded in his used guitar for a brand
new one. Life would never be the same now that he had another outlet to vent his teenage
frustrations. But the mix of drugs and rock music just fed into the vacuum of emptiness Tom
would feel for many years until his true longing was met. Still, that was many years down
the road. Later, after some world travels oversea as a US NAVY sailor, Tom was kicked out
on an “Other Than Honorable Discharge” due to his continued drug use. Not long after this
(1984), Tom was arrested in the State of Indiana on two counts of armed robbery. While in
jail, Tom gave his heart to the Lord after an amazing encounter with Him and though his
sin issue was dealt with, his consequences for his reckless lifestyle still had to play out.
Thus Tom ended up serving several years in prison. While serving his time, Tom’s heart was
drawn to prayer and the Word of God therefore he studied earnestly to show himself
approved unto God. Fortunately, Tom also had access to the music department and as such
began to write new songs reflecting his change of heart. After serving his sentence and while
living in a community halfway house, believing God was calling him to share and live out
this new found faith in God with his family, Tom requested his parole be relocated so he
could be closer to his immediate family. And as a result several family members turned to
Jesus and found that Salvation was a free gift that was being extended to them as well.
Being very focused on ministering to the needs of others Tom began to visit places to share
the Gospel, his Personal Testimony and to sing songs of hope and faith that he had written
while in prison or was currently composing. Child Haven, Juvenile Hall, Teen Challenge, C-
Star, The Boys & Girls State Home as well as returning to prison to minister God’s Grace
are just a few of the many places Tom has gone to.
In 1992 Tom co-founded the Christian Rock Band, “under grace” and released the CD
“Living On Faith” in 1996.
Just before Christmas of 2010 Tom was offered a Solo Record Deal through the Tate Music
Group (TMG) Record label.  In 2011 Tom’s 1ST solo CD, “You Were Always There” was
Just before Christmas of 2014 Tom was again offered another Record Deal through the Tate
Music Group and in December of 2015, “5 Minutes To 12” Tom’s 2nd solo CD was released.
Tom is available as a speaker and performer with this word of encouragement: “that your
past need not determine your future when you surrender it to Jesus”. Through the gift of
music, Tom writes and sings songs from his personal journey of faith with all its trials and
tribulations as well as its triumphs.
Thank you for your consideration to invite Tom Lovato to your next service or event.

Tom Lovato
112 Water Lane
Spokane, MO. 65754
(417) 576-8071 cell

Tate Music Group Artist
Tom Lovato

“5 Minutes To 12” is the 2nd solo release from Contemporary Christian singer songwriter
Tom Lovato.  A collection of 8 finely crafted tunes expressing the artist’s earnest heartfelt
expressions that perhaps time is running out; if indeed, 12 midnight is a symbol of Christ’s
return to this earth to “rapture” His own and those left behind will have to face
Armageddon. Well, perhaps we would do well to at least consider what is being sung about.
Not all of today’s Contemporary Christian artists are so pointed in their message to the
willing consumers. Often times the message is so “watered down” it’s hard to tell if the
artist is singing about her love for her boyfriend or her love for her Lord. Mr. Lovato never
leaves you wondering who or what is being proclaimed. For me, that’s kind of refreshing.
ABUNDANTLY IS ME- This Chuck Berry meets the Beach Boys romp opens the album and
harkens back to an era when times were simpler. The underlying message seems to be, in
spite of living in a world that seems to being going to H. E. double toothpick the solid sold
out for Jesus follower can live a victorious life because Jesus said in John 10:10 “The thief
cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life,
and that they might have it more abundantly.”
TURN AROUND- This tune references all those nagging times Jesus Himself has been
calling you to come to Him. “You saw Him teaching there on the hillside”, “In spite of all
you’ve ever done He’s still… callin’ out your name. “Hanging there, above you, He is callin’
out your name.” See, what I mean? This is laying it on a bit thick but perhaps we’ve grown
so callus to the message of the cross we need a more direct approach to shake us out of our
slumber. Besides it seems that our grandfather’s church pews were so hard it made it easier
to pay attention and today’s pews or individual seats are often so padded who can blame us if
we start to nod off?

LAY YOUR BURDENS DOWN- We all know someone who forever seems to always be in
“crisis mode” nearly every waking moment of their life. This person goes from one tragic
circumstance to another. Often a direct result of their own bad decisions. If our friend, co-
worker, family member could just relax a moment, catch a breath, turn their attention
elsewhere just long enough to get their bearings maybe they wouldn’t be running around
like the proverbial chicken with its head chopped off. Lay Your Burdens Down is good solid
advice any worthwhile Spiritual Therapist would recommend. Take this song several times
daily and call me in the morning.

FATHER- Piano based and with lots of harmony, this song opens with Jesus calling to His
Father to give just a little more time before time runs out. Allowing just a few more sinners
the opportunity to get right so they don’t get left (as in left behind). In the second verse
again we have Jesus speaking directly to us: “And I can see into your eyes through the
windows to your soul and I’m longing for you just to let Me in.” The most pointed line in the
whole album is the one that closes this song; “You have spit at Me and you mock the words I
say but I still love you… oh, how I love you and I’m… I’m still calling you today.”

DOES THE LORD TALK TO YOU? - This is one of those songs that doesn’t let anyone slip
out without being directly addressed. 1st verse question: “Does the Lord talk to you and do
you know that you know it’s true?” 2nd question: “Did the Lord ever talk to you and do you
remember how knew that it was true?” 3rd question: “Now, is the Lord, is the Lord talking
to you? And do you know, that you know that it’s true?” See what I mean? No wiggle room.
Uncomfortable questions but the music is so pretty and the melody is so sing able it tends to
stay with you. Kind of like a reminder to keep an eye and ear open to what God might be
wanting to say to you today.
DON’T HARDEN YOUR HEART- Sharing the Gospel with your immediate family can be
one of the hardest exercising of your personal faith. Sure, they know you better than anyone
else and can remind you of every failure you’ve ever done since you were an infant.
Witnessing to a complete stranger is so much less intimidating. For the faint of heart
around your lost relatives, just send them this tune and let the music open the door to get
the conversation started.

5 MINUTES TO 12- If David Gilmore and Roger Waters (of the group, PINK FLOYD) had
both gotten Saved along with all those 70’s longhaired hippy Jesus folks and put out an
album to follow Dark Side Of The Moon this song would be one of the songs from that disk.
FALLEN COMPANIONS- Backsliders is how we in the church refer to those who fall off the
wagon and go back to the old lifestyle of giving in to sin. It’s not pretty but it does happen
and if we are all honest, we have given in from time to time to our fleshly nature. Tom
Lovato created a Renaissance song very much along the same style as Led Zeppelin’s
“Stairway to Heaven” to make this point, complete with acoustic guitar and flute.
So, not your, “one –song-sounds–like-all-the-other-songs” kind of cd. A lot of variety to be
sure but not at all like the stuff most commercial radio stations are pushing. Tom Lovato has
a certain amount of poetry to his lyrics. Lines that give your mind reason to reflect and
respond. Tugging at heartstrings with a purpose to bring us all into clearer focus on the
things we know are more important seems to be his goal. I know it has spoken to a deeper
place in my soul and I believe that is something that doesn’t come along often enough.

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BE SURE TO RATE THE ARTIST...BIG Congrats to Tom Lovato for Being Klid's Local Artist for over 2 years....Wow...Tom has now been the longest music artist on KLID Radio Website..Other Music Artist can send their music to jerry@klidradio.com in mp3 form and or music video's, along with your Bio...
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