Poplar bluff schools

comments - I was just wondering why when you live within 1 mile from
school you cant ride the school bus. They wonder why so many kids skip
school, or end up else where. Or smoke cigarettes assault other kids. Or
worse the get abducted or kidnapped, wake up things does happen. 911
happened so anything can happen Right. If its all about gas money then maybe
every one can chip in on a few cents for the taxes. Everyone don't have
transportation. Thats why they ride school buses or i would think
so. I'd rather for my kids to get to school safe than get calls from the
police department or emergency room or to call the police department to
report my child MISSING Anyone thats concerned about this call the Poplar
Bluff schools and complain.I wouldn't want my child's picture on KFVS 12
or FOX news.........
Poplar Bluff hospital
comments = I think its a shame that you go to the emergency room . You wait with a
sick child and seat there for three hours and they cant find the resource to help you.
Its no wonder people don't want to go there you could die waiting on them. I'm telling
everyone to not wast there time up there.
                         Satellite Dishes on the property
To the person complaining about the satellite dishes
blocking your view of the street.
First of all, as a radio broadcaster, I can almost guarantee you that
if the dish is up there.. It's being used, trust me. I have 2 ugly
looking satellite dishes on the property of my radio station here in South
Carolina. If I didn't need them, I'd take them down!
 Secondly, it's the radio stations property. NOT YOURS. If you don't
like it, don't drive over there anymore.
THIRDLY... Calling the City about "this nuisance" won't do you much
good. Why? The property the radio station is on is THEIR property...
And the city can't/doesn't regulate private property.
Fourthly.... There are LAWS PREVENTING city municipality's,
landlords and land owners from preventing people from putting up
satellite dishes.
Get your facts straight. And oh yeah, but a little nicer about things.
You catch more flies with honey. I bet if you approached the radio
station in a kind, polite manner instead of yelling, screaming and
threating, they'd be more willing to help.
My two cents.

Paul Walker