Local On Air Personalities
Listen to Jerry Evans in the Morning
Between 6 and 10 a.m. Monday thru Friday.
He provides six decades of Solid Gold Music and
lots of other entertainment and information such as
Jim Hightower Commentaries,  Old Farmer's Almanac,
Farm Journal, Clark Howard Minutes, Trivia
Questions, Local, Regional, and National News, and a
complete look the KLID 20/20 Weather.
And don't forget the daily birthday drawings.
Jerry also provides a means for the public to buy, sell,
or trade items on the original Swap Shop from 9:30 to
10:00 am.
Jerry Evans is the Station Asst. Mgr., News Director,
Program Director, Music Directer, PSA Director , Web
Designer and Chief Engineer. Jerry Evans has also
been a Radio Announcer at KLID AM for more than  
16 years, and he also has worked for KJEZ FM for 2
years and he says,that he looks forward to serving the
public another 25 to 30 more years.
Jerry Evans
Sunny Skidmore
Listen to the Sweet Sonny Show
between 5 and 6 pm Monday thru Friday.
She also provides six decades of Solid Gold Music
for your listening pleasure. Sonny also likes to stump her
listening audience with Trivia so she can give away
prizes on the air.
Don?t forget to listen to what?s happening in the
universe with Star Date.
And on more earthly ground, listen to KLID for a
complete look at
20/20 Weather, not to mention
Local, regional, and national news.
Sweet Sonny also keeps you up to date with local sports
Where KLID has been the ?Voice of the Mules? for
47 Consecutive Years.  Also,Sweet Sunny has been a
DJ on the Air for Quite Some Time and was One the
First Rockin Lady Disc Jockey in The State of Texas.  
Sunny Skidmore is the Station Manger and Owner of
KLID Radio Station.
David has been in the media field off and on for
over 10 years.  He has filled in at KLID for Sunny
and Jerry for over 7 years.  He does sports
announcing for the TRCC Raiders and some of
the Mules games. David has a college degree in
Marketing Management and Computer
Programming and assists Jerry in programming the
computers at the station.  His past radio
experience includes WIBV AM in Belleville IL and
KSLQ in St Louis.